How Important Is Cybersecurity In Today’s Digital World

Our world is today ruled by technology that has become an indispensable part of our lives. From something as simple as catching up with friends to complex scientific research, technology plays an important role in it. However, the same technology that makes everything easier can betray you when you least expect it to. Every year millions of dollars are lost due to exploitative and progressively advanced attacks on computer systems. The theft of confidential and sensitive information is causing significant damage to governments, companies, and individuals. Hence, computer security; a more technical term would be cybersecurity, is an essential component in the business industry.

Computer sercurity

Here we look at 3 reasons why cybersecurity is important in today’s digital world:

  1. The number and severity of attacks are increasing every day

There has been a big surge in the number of cyber-attacks in recent times, and it’s likely to get worse. Studies show that there were more than 1000 large scale cyber breaches in 2017 alone. This is without taking into account several attacks of a smaller scale on personal computers or small businesses. Numbers indicate the need for stricter enforcement of precautionary measures.

  1. Cybercrime is evolving rapidly

Cyber-attacks are not just limited to a simple virus that freezes a personal computer or requires a home user to restart their computer all the time. Crimes have gotten worse, with billions of dollars in damages as the attacks are getting more complex, bigger and affecting multiple organizations at the same time. A recent example is WannaCry, the biggest and the worse cyberattack the world has ever seen. It affected not just organizations, but countries as a whole.

  1. Computer systems have become more vulnerable

As technology makes computers faster, smaller, and more efficient, it also makes them weaker and vulnerable. The danger of constant technical innovation is the creation of newer dangers and loopholes that hackers can exploit. This calls for better methods to ensure computer security. Similarly, mobile phones are now targets, expanding the options for criminals to penetrate security measures.

Nowadays, almost all computers come with some form of software protection such as anti-virus or anti-malware protection software. Yet the chance of systems being compromised continues to grow. While anti-viruses and strong firewall implementations are vital, they are not the only solution. Proper education and awareness about cybersecurity risks are equally important to preventing such attacks in future.

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